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This dramatic who done it film follows Samuel a troubled young man in recovery as he flirts with lines of lust and fantasy vicariously through his psychiatrist and her troubled marriage

Executive Producer

Omar P. Turay

Written By

Bahiyjaui Allen

David Vieux

Directed by

Bahiyjaui Allen


Paul Elia

Zondra Wilson

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We wanted our first film to illustrate the quality of filmmaking we know we possess starting from pre production to post. We wanted to raise the bar independently and inspire the creation of more suspense films with diverse casts.  


Our mission is to captivate and entertain audiences through enlightenment and understanding. For Broken Minds we successfully raised a total of $13,000 with the help of many supporters whom we are eternally grateful for. We believe with every new project comes new wisdom and we are proud to have this film be the foundation of where we grow from. 

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